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The Perfect Proposal

Calling all Creative Men!

Men, let me help you out. Yes. I am going to give you some pivotal advice for a healthy happy relationship. When you reach that crucial moment of preparing yourself for "the proposal of a lifetime" take a few minutes to breathe. Simple, yet highly effective advice. Let me explain...

If you're the straight-laced follow-the-rules type of guy then you're also probably the guy freaking out, just a little bit, about how to propose to that charming woman who has absolutely swept you off your feet. You probably have also experienced one or all of the following: you get slightly nervous when she's around you, you won't hold her hand if yours is sweaty, you like to play it safe, you like a lot of diversions surrounding your time together to take off the pressure, etc. Any of this sounding familiar? You're not alone.

Many men feel the pressure of devising the "perfect proposal" for the demanding future fiances of the world. Even the men who found that low-maintenance girl who could care less how the proposal occurred, or when, or what type of ring it includes. Still, men seem to feel this need to construct the most creative, loving, adorable, respectful, creative, charming way to propose.

The truth is many women are just hoping that their partner actually maintains the nerve to actually go through with the proposal in a decent time frame. This, too, should sound familiar. Most couples discuss marriage and weddings long before the proposal actually occurs. With each passing day the women begin to pray that the men finally just ask the question so they can lift the weight off of the couples' shoulders. But proposals don't have to be all stress and showy decadence. In fact the best proposals are those that are from the heart. Sincerity is what the marital union is all about. Simple heart-felt words in front of a select few, namely immediate family, or a creative integration of the prospective fiance's favorite "item" can make a proposal spectacular and immensely touching to that particular someone.

Still lost? Here are five "methods" to keep in mind when you're ready to sweep that special someone off their feet:

1) Be creative: Nothing says I love you more than creativity. Granted, most of us feel we aren't the "artsy types" but that doesn't mean we are devoid of any creativity. Try to find ways to explore with either a location or a plan for your proposal. Maybe you will do something out of character, you'll take your partner to a new adventurous location, you'll plan a huge bash, whatever you do, if its uncharacteristic, it will more than likely be seen as creative by your partner.

2) Get Personal: Simply integrating your partner's favorite item, a favorite book, a favorite color or number, a favorite animal, etc. Does your partner like champagne? Buy their favorite bottle and slip a ring into the bottom of her glass before you make a toast. Do they like sports? Get tickets to their favorite team's sporting event, or set up a mock game with all of your friends and pop the question. All of your partners "likes" and "favorites" can be a segue for planning the perfectly personal proposal.

3) Go Flashy: If fanfare is your style, go with it. No one is stopping you from being yourself if making a scene is what you like to do. Grande, memorable, risky: if these traits describe you then so should they describe your proposal. Plan a hot air balloon ride, have your partner's proposal written in the sky, or take your partner on a treasure hunt through the finest jewelry stores in the mall. Whatever you do, if its showy or larger-than-life, chances are it has your name all over it.

4) Be slick: Sometimes it's the subtleties that do the trick. If the holidays are approaching you can find a way to tie the ring to another present. Even if your proposal isn't planned for the holidays you can still be sly about the method. Try garnishing a dish with the ring, on top of course, so as to prevent consumption. Need more ideas? If your partner's a heavy sleeper you just might be able to slip the ring on at night while they're sleeping. What better surprise to wake up to than that?

5) Stick to Tradition: There is nothing wrong with the plain old fashion "the moment is right" knee-bend. If you are suddenly overwhelmed with a moment of passion and can't bear the thought of being unengaged any longer, get down and do it! Of course it helps to actually have the ring and the occasion planned, but sometimes spontaneity is the best way to show how truly passionate you are about your relationship. So if all the above seem a little too modern and far fetched, take a deep breath, kneel, and simply ask for their hand. The blatant sincerity, if nothing else, will be extremely moving.



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